Mobile photography

Welcome to the world of
advanced mobile photography

BasicPixels provides iOS apps for advanced
mobile photography that are used even
in the professional environment!  


CameraPixels is a state-of-the-art iOS photo, video, and bracketing app. With lots of available settings and unlimited presets it's the multi-tool of mobile photographers!


Chromatica is a fusion of power and simplicity in one superior photography app. While being small and simple, Chromatica packs many advanced tools like semi-auto exposure modes, focus peaking and live histogram.


MetaMaster brings you the world beyond the basic EXIF. With MetaMaster you can access all the resources of an asset, inspect their metadata, and even extract them into a separate asset!

For kids

Drawing and coloring are fun,
but also more than that

PixelsBook is a child's gate
to the wonderful world of coloring!


With many vivid and pastel colors, patterns, and shapes, PixelsBook transforms your device into a beautiful portable coloring entertainment. Multiple coloring pages from different categories will keep your child entertained for a long time!